Size charts for clothes shoes & lingerie

We need global size charts for clothes shoes & lingerie. EN 13402 is a European standard for labelling clothes sizes. It is based on body dimensions, measured in centimetres. It aims to replace many older national dress-size systems, starting in the year 2006. But, to appeal to the ego of shoppers, UK retailers have been adding extra inches of material without changing the labels. We aren’t there just yet. So maybe these charts will help, especially if you’re travelling.

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It’s called vanity sizing

We all know someone who is absolutely determined not to buy the next size up. For instance, they’re convinced they’re a size 12 so they “ruddy well won’t buy a 14, even if the gates of hell were to freeze over!” This isn’t you, of course, but if this is you, tell me… How exactly did you arrive at this momentous conclusion about what size you are? When did you last measure yourself properly, and whose guidelines did you use? You’re totally convinced that you’re absolutely this exact same size in every single shop in the universe? There’s a term for this particular form of mental instability. It’s called vanity sizing.

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Bra measuring guide

Wearing a great fitting bra will help your clothes look and feel great. Unfortunately, more than 70% of women are wearing the wrong size and style of bra. Use this easy bra measuring guide to discover the correct bra and cup size for you.

Bra size (band measurement) – Without any clothes on your top half, including a bra, measure yourself in inches around the ribcage below your bust, making sure the tape measure is tight and doesn’t slide down at the back. This gives you your band measurement.

The general rule of thumb for all measuring is: less than half an inch, round DOWN, more than half an inch, round UP. So if your initial measurement is 32.25 inches, call it 32. Now calculate your bra size. If the band measurement is 33 or less, add 5 to that number. Over 33 inches add 3. Round odd numbers up to even.

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Last week I did a wardrobe weed-out

You’ll need to be sat down for this one. Last week I did a wardrobe weed-out! I know, I swore blind I’d never do one ever again but this was for my most excellent friend of over 40 years, Kafburga. She was petrified that I would stand in front of her wardrobe and shout out in abject horror, “Where is all the colour?” and that I would end up taking away virtually everything in black bin liners.

So we went for lunch first at a local pub. If she intended this to soften me up, she was very much mistaken. I was a woman on a mission! And it gave me the perfect opportunity to put the client first and ask her the questions I would spend at least 20 – 40 minutes asking any other client before we went anywhere near the wardrobe door

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What does a colour consultation client want?

What would a colour consultation client want – Being draped to within an inch of her life just to make the image consultant happy? Or being asked what results she wants, and for the consultant to make the client happy by fulfilling her needs? How would you like to be treated? Stuff the system. Put the client first.

In the online course ‘Fabulous Colour Analysis’ we filmed 2 days of live training with 6 gorgeous image consultants from England, Scotland, Cyprus and Mexico. All of them had already had their personal colour analysis done elsewhere and on the course Sahlburga told us her colour consultation story

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